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About shimla 2 lines

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Answers: Shimla is today a engaging blend of hill town and resort of holiday. Shimla was declared as the summer capital of british india.bigla answer: Shimla is a hill station where people go in summer vacationsIt is the capital of Himachal Pradesh

T/F: Externalities can be either positive (benefits) or negative (costs)

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Answers: beimu tincflag answer: The above statement is true

Which one of the following sets of 0.1 mol L–1

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solutions can be mixed to make a green solution without a precipitate? (a) sodium iodide, nickel chloride, silver nitrate (b) chromium(III) sulfate,

Please translate this in spanish:

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hello everyone, I am Christine. I live in Philippines. I am 14 years old. I was born on September 8 1999.I was born at philippines. I am now in high school. I have one brother and one sister. My mothers name is …………. . My fathers name is……… Thats all Thank you for listening. Best […]

In which one of the following compounds is nitrogen in the highest oxidation state?

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(a) N2 (b) N2O5 (c) NO (d) N2O4 Best answers: contmedo answer: it is N2O5 which has the highest oxidation state baule_is answer: the highest oxidation rate is present in option b) H2O5

How do you write quadratic equations in standard form? give atleast 3 examples.

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Best answers: yutoyorichihi answer: here you go read file

In a long jump event, the total path covered by an athlete is 10.6m. Is it distance or displacement? Why? Give reason for your answer

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Best answers: hadokusokun answer: It is displacement because in general the path given to the athlete is straight. Straight here means a particular direction hence it is a vector quantity. And the vector quantity in the above is displacement displeacememt as the distance is the circular path but in long jump we measeure the path […]

Which of the following correctly lists the cultural advances of the hominin group in the

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most likely sequence of development (from earliest to most recent)? (a) painting, use of fire, manufacture of simple stone tools, agriculture (b) agriculture,

Two cars leave an intersection at the same time, one travelling at 70km/h along one road and the other car travelling at 80km/h along the other road.

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After 2 hours they are 218 km apart. At what angle, to the nearest minute, do the roads meet at the intersection.

Consider the following 1.0 mol L–1

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solutions. Which one of the following lists the solutions in decreasing order (that is, strongest to weakest) of electrolyte strength? (a) sodium phosphate > sulfuric acid > phosphoric acid > sucrose (sugar) (b) sucrose (sugar) > sulfuric acid > phosphoric acid > sodium phosphate (c) sulfuric acid > sodium phosphate > phosphoric acid > sucrose […]

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